Fredagsmys with my visiting host family

If you haven’t heard of the Swedish tradition of “fredagsmys,” you’re missing out. It’s one of my favorite cultural takeaways of the semester. Fredagsmys roughly translates to “cozy Fridays” and last weekend my visiting host family decided to show me how the proper way to observe the tradition.

Step 1: Family Fun!


The “four kids” (my two host little brothers, my friend Sammy who shares the host family, and I ) made some slime.

Step 2: Learning to bake! My host mom shared with me the recipe for saffron buns, a Swedish Christmas specialty. All of kids decorated the buns together before our mom stuck them in the oven.


Step 3 (This is one of the most important parts): TACOS!!!! It’s very popular in Sweden to eat Tacos with the family every Friday.

Step 4: Board games, movies, pajamas, and coziness. A proper Fredagsmys.


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